Art Classes for Kids and Adults

Olga is educated as a fine arts teacher. After her many years of experience, she has an abundance of knowledge in the methodologies associated with the teaching of children of different ages and adults. Her principals of teaching are simplicity, structure, learning by example and reproducibility. She aims to develop visual memory, concentration, proportions, analysis-synthesis, comparison, generalization, emotional and aesthetic in her classes.

Pottery Workshops

Olga offers Group Pottery Workshops for adults, children and teams. Participation in the workshops allows for uninhibited self-expression, self-development, transformation and, when done as a group, community growth. The pottery workshops are also suited for companies, organizations and groups looking for an innovative team-building activity. Olga’s workshops are designed to be inclusive and appropriate for persons of all abilities and are created to increased creativity and self-development, build self-confidence, develop interrelationship skills and learning new skills.

Types of workshops in the past include: Cup Making Workshops, Building with Coils Workshops and Platter Making Workshops. Olga works closely with each participant to help ensure their projects are a success. All items made by participants will be fired and glazed with the colours of their choice.